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On the way towards improved software engineering processes for IT SMEs



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Are you aware that ...

  • of an investment in IT projects of $255 billion, $55 billion are wasted?
  • 94 out of 100 projects are either re-started or re-planned?
  • at delivery of product only 52% of its required functionality is included?
  • on average, project costs rise to 143% of the initially estimated costs?
  • 82% of projects run over time? 

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The FACIT SME project targets to facilitate the use of Software Engineering (SE) methods and to systematize their application in IT SMEs. It will provide methods for efficient and affordable certification of these processes according to internationally accepted standards. Furthermore, it will help the SMEs to share best practices, tools and experiences with development partners and customers.
ICT SME communities (organized by associations) will experience significant benefit through the exchange of recent knowledge and best practises.


FACIT-SME is driven by five associations
representing small and medium IT enterprises

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FACIT SME Overview