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Fifth project newsletter

The fifth project newsletter
In our fifth and final newsletter of the FACIT-SME project you will find a short summary of our last GA in Madrid, information about the CONETIC 'Day of Competitiveness', evaluation results and the presentation of successful exploitation scenario of IVSZ in Hungary.

FACIT-SME brochure

Just in time to see the finish line of the project, the consortium released a first english project brochure edited by Régens. This brochure represents a crisp overview of the project to be spread at conferences and meetings for marketing purposes.

Day of Competitiveness of SMEs

Day of Competitiveness of SMEs 2012
In April 2012 Conetic organized a nationwide Day of Competitiveness of SMEs in Spain. 105 people participated in the meeting. Such as representatives of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain. At the conference Conetic represented the Facit project. Facit for Conetic
Pictures are available under the following link.

Fifth GA meeting

The fifth GA meeting took place in Madrid, Spain from 20th to 24th of February. The consortium talked about administrative issues as well as project progress. They discussed the soon to be launched prototype of the FACIT portal, analysed the feedback from the Train the Trainer and expanded the dissemination plans.

Christmas newsletter

December 2011
The Christmas newsletter has arrived just like the festive season. It contains details about the General Asssembly in Budapest and the following weekend at the lake Balaton, including the "FACIT Regatta", a presentation of the FACIT-SME project at a Hungarian workshop, and some pictures.

Successful workshop in Budapest

November 2011
In November 2011 IVSZ and Régens organized the first FACIT event in Hungary. As guest speakers were invited Dr. Katalin Balla, the managing director of SQI (Software Quality Institute), and Mr. Lénard Németh-Nusser, senior project manager of Qualisoft PIc. The third presentation was held by Réka Moksony, the head of business development. Réka Moksony from Régens is the Hungarian RTD partner of FACIT-SME.
The participant from the central government procurement unit indicated his interest in the results and consultants and IT companies gave positive feedback.
Pictures are available under the following link.

Third newsletter published

The project has published its third newsletter by now. The newsletter has the purpose to inform the project partners, as well as the general public about the stage of the project.

Fourth General Assembly in Budapest

The fourth GA meeting took place in Budapest, Hungary the 22nd until the 23rd of September 2011. The consortium discussed the status of the prototype and trained the use of the FACIT solution.

First Review in Brussels

The first review meeting took place on the 29th of July in Brussels. The main purpose of the meeting was to present status, plans and results of the different workpackages to get a preliminary feedback from the reviewer.

Third General Assembly in Berlin

The third General Assembly (GA) took place at Fraunhofer premises in Berlin, Germany on March 31st to April 1st. As a major issue, the GA discussed the remaining deliverables for the first result package to be delivered by the RTD providers. A second focus was set on the detailed plans for the evaluation as well as on the plans for the training and certification workpackage.

Refurbishment of FACIT-SME web site

A new appearance of the FACIT-SME public web site provides additional information and better grasps in simple words the major motivation, goal, and general approach of the project. Also, the different pages have been better structured. With respect to the newsletters, a more informative overview now allows for addressing directly specific topics which web site visitors might be interested in.

FACIT-SME published the second newsletter

The project has published the second newsletter. This newsletter addresses the results from the General Assembly in Bilbao and gives an outlook to the FACIT software tool. Furthermore, it presents the current plans for the evaluation and latest dissemination activities.

Deliverable 'ORM Architecture and Engineering Models' (D2.1) available to the public

The deliverable "ORM Architecture and Engineering Models" has been submitted to the Commission and made public on the project web site (see deliverables).

General Assembly in Bilbao (September 2010)

The second General Assembly took place in Bilbao, with nearly all the partners being present. In this meeting, the "ORM Architecture and Engineering Models" (delivered by the RTD partners before the meeting) has been presented and discussed, leading to the acceptance of the deliverable by the associations.

FACIT-SME published the first newsletter

The project has published its first newsletter. The intention of the newsletter, mainly prepared by the RTD partners under the editorial guidance of Régens, is to inform the industrial project partners and the associations, the further members of these associations and also the general public.

Project contract finally signed

After transparent and fair negotiations, there was a slightly ugly phase with significant administrative work (cp. the article in the 1st project newsletter). Finally, we managed to consolidate all (versions of) information, and the contract could be signed by the coordinator and the Commission.

FACIT-SME web site is online

The FACIT-SME web site has been set up, according to the guidelines in the contract. The first page contains major information about the project and its partners as well as contact points. Specific protected areas provide restricted information for the Commission and for project partners.

FACIT-SME project kickoff in Modena

The FACIT-SME project has started by 1st January 2010. A kickoff-meeting was held at the premises of the SME association CONFAPI located in Modena on the 14th and 15th of January with 14 out of the 15 partners being present. The committees as foreseen by the contract have been elected, the project management regulations finally defined, and the work plan for the first year has been detailed and agreed.